Hubert Klink
Hubert KlinkHead of Central Special Purpose Machines


Mr. Klink – please introduce yourself briefly

Hubert Klink

I’ve been with KERN-LIEBERS since 1990 and have headed up special purpose machines since 2003. My responsibilities include the design and implementation of special purpose machines and equipment for our production processes, validation of the processes involved, handover to production, service and maintenance. I also contribute to projects, for example the relocation or expansion of production, where I work to ensure that production runs smoothly at the new location, or on the training of employees in production, planning and quality assurance.



What is the role of the central special purpose machine engineering department at KERN-LIEBERS?

Hubert Klink

Our team of engineers, technicians and specialists here in Schramberg plans and manufactures all production equipment, from the spring line, where the springs are stamped, to the equipment used to coil and assemble the springs and to test them. We also work closely with our planning department and the subsidiaries to define the best possible production resources for any particular spring and to continuously optimize the production process on site. Specialists work on continuously assuring our processes using in-process measures accompanying production, for example with image processing systems for 100% inspections. We follow these developments very carefully to ensure that we are prepared for the future.



What is the focus of your work?

Hubert Klink

Focal points include design, assembly, programming, and commissioning, as well as service and maintenance of special purpose machines and automation solutions. Our high level of standardization and global networking make it possible to procure parts worldwide. We are currently seeing strong growth in applications in the trending areas of robotics, image processing, inline process assurance and digitization. Mapping, developing and transferring the know-how acquired within the KERN-LIEBERS Group to our locations is an important competitive advantage.



A special challenge is worldwide support of the KERN-LIEBERS companies.

Hubert Klink

We are always ready. When a problem crops up somewhere, we have immediate remote access, allowing us to provide the location with the best possible support with troubleshooting to ensure that production can continue as quickly as possible. In recent months in particular – with COVID-19 – remote maintenance has been a great help to us.



What are your goals for the future?

Hubert Klink

The goals are very clear: to continue to push ahead with automation and the networking of machines and equipment, to increase productivity in manufacturing, to enhance process reliability and to further expand our competence in these areas. The complexity of the systems is growing all the time. So it’s important to me personally to encourage our young talent. Against the background of the demographic trends in our country, it’s important to me to ensure that we keep the good young talent we have in our company and to support them in developing their potential. We train a number students every year as part of the dual study program, and we place a great deal of emphasis on practical training, which means they have a close relationship with our products right from the outset. Thanks to the many young people in my department and the measures we have in place for further training, our older staff also keep their „finger on the pulse of the times”.