KERN-LIEBERS lives technology


What motivates KERN-LIEBERS – also in today’s globalized world – to continue to plan and manufacture all machines and equipment centrally in Schramberg at our in-house mechanical engineering department?

In global competition, one thing above all is important: productivity. In the effort to continuously maintain and improve productivity at a high level, production facilities play an important role. KERN-LIEBERS developed machinery for the production of MAXIMO power springs at an early stage. MAXIMO stands for maximum moment of force, i.e. how do I achieve maximum spring forces in the smallest possible installation space? The so-called “MAXIMO-Bahn” was equipped with electronic control technology as early as the 1970s. Today, future-oriented and forward-looking thinking is also what drives our engineers and technicians to continuously develop our production facilities and press ahead with digitization. For a number of years now, powerful online tools have been linking the process for maintenance, servicing and error analysis. Our engineers have remote access to all machines over the Internet, giving us the ability to avoid downtime and reduce service costs. This is among the reasons we consider it important to use standardized equipment for spring production worldwide, equipment which is continuously upgraded to the best available technology, and to coordinate this equipment centrally. For our ongoing development, our mechanical engineering department also draws on the know-how of our skilled workers, whose observations and suggestions are then incorporated into the continuous improvement process.

With our modern machinery, we ensure a smooth, safe and flexible production process designed to meet all customer requirements at the high level of quality they have come to expect.

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KERN-LIEBERS lives technology