The KERN-LIEBERS Production System

Operational excellence our worldwide aspiration


As a group of companies operating globally, we want to guarantee our customers a consistently high level of quality in all products and processes, and at attractive prices. That is why, since 2016, we have been introducing the KERN-LIEBERS Production System (KLPS) around the world. It’s aim is to sustainably increase the flexibility, productivity and quality of our value-adding production and support processes.

At the same time, we want to use our flexibility to facilitate adaptability on the part of our customers, to develop new products and open up new markets. It therefore forms the basis for a close customer-supplier relationship.

The KLPS underscores our technological quality standards through its pursuit of operational excellence. At the fore are our 7,800 employees around the world, who with their knowledge, experience and commitment work hard every day to achieve this goal. 30 uniform global standards in the 8 core elements of the KERN-LIEBERS Production System and 90 methods guarantee a continuously improving quality level in all products and processes.

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The KERN-LIEBERS Production System